Gersai Collection is a luxury brand emulating the experience of the native Detroiter through expressive colors, verbiage, and the highest quality fabrics.


Interview for Fat Marcus Publications

December 6, 2016: 

Jessica Gray, a Senior at The University of Michigan created an up-and-coming clothing line that goes by the name of “Gersai Detroit”. She describes her brand as a “haute-couture sportswear clothing line inspired by the city of Detroit.” Gray began her creation at the beginning of 2016, and is looking forward to her first collection to release on December 7th, 2016.

Jessica realized that she wanted to start her own clothing line when she decided she wanted to find something to put all of her energy to in order to cope with personal events that were going on in her life. She says that her business was created out of passion; to bring back syles that are no longer fashionable, at an affordable price. One of my favorite pieces that I was fortunate enough to see was a Detroit Piston inspired “jersey-dress”, which intrigued me because jersey-dresses haven’t been a trend in over 10 years.

Gersai Detroit appears to be a very promising brand for the future, however it has faced its challenges along the way. Gray says that articulating her ideas to others, and having to rely on other people to be punctual with business were the toughest parts throughout her creation process. Gray said that she had to wait 3 months just to get back pictures she took for her look book back in August. Had these obstacles not occurred in her path, we may have gotten “Gersai Detroit” a lot sooner, but a December 7th, birthday release date seems quite fitting for Ms. Gray.

When asked about things she wishes she would have known prior to starting her company, she simply stated “I wish I would have known that you don’t really need to have formal training to make yourself look like a professional brand. You can be just as professional and just as elegant – without the expertise. However, she also wishes that she did have more experience in the field of fashion or business field as a whole. Most of her experience comes from another hobby that she is passionate about – modeling, as well as being an art major at U of M.

            2017 is looking forward to what Jessica Gray has to offer to the fashion industry. She clearly has the drive and the vision for her brand, as well family, friends, and the city of Detroit to support her mission. This interview has been very beneficial to me in learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur; exposing me to the reasons that people become entrepenuers, the possible challenges faced along the way, and the questions I should ask myself and things that I need to learn before starting my business. Good luck with your company, Jessica!